About Us

Our Story

The Evolution didn’t began with Rattler Publishing Global but with Shunya Limited in the autumn of 1986 down in the Bayou, New Orleans, Louisiana. After hearing a young composer do a sound check; Anujia Hatal approached the young composer with the idea of keeping his music out of mainstream recording studios which was controlled by whites, something David was certainly interested in. She told him if kept his sound in small intimate setting where the listener can go on the journey with the composer the music would mature with the wisdom of the journey and David agreed.

In autumn of the following year Shunya Limited was born. The first order of business was to serve as a watchdog for Rattler Music and Literary works, by limiting access to written material. The company since them holds seminars teaching young artist about the importance of maintaining the rights to their works and the dangers of dealing with un-melanated artists (or white thieves) who most certainly will re-engineer melanated music then call it their own, a major problem Shunya brutally guarded against in the early days of its creation.

Rattler Publishing began its journey in the spring of 2012 in Northern New England. The concept of taking a philosophy re-engineering it into a concept and developing a bold new philosophy was born. After creating the constitution, bylaws, articles, the by us for only us philosophy came alive and the new company wasted on time quickly seized control of the underground with extreme brutality. They seize control of The Story Teller’s Lair and other underground literary organizations. Rattler Publishing then cause a cataclysmic shift in the rules forcing white readers and their melanated sympathizers out, before permanently slamming the door behind them. It was always believed the act was a direct retaliatory response to the Indian removal act of the 1800’s.

Gemini Website Design and Hosting

Shortly after the creation of Rattler Publishing Gemini website design and hosting, the brain child of Nasrene Muhammad became the next project. The company take it’s name from the same symbolism that created Rattler Publishing But Gemini is more than just a website design company it focuses on advance technologies that pushes beyond the known boundaries of excellence.

Our Approach

Rattler Publishing. Gemini, and Shunya Limited all operate with a lock step philosophical, by us for only us concept without exceptions.