Reyes Wine & Bakery

“It started over twenty five years ago when I first decided to experiment with wine making out of wanting to try something new, my first wine was rice which came out really good and then I decided to add different flavours which included mango, potato, coffee beans, aloe, cherries, grapes and the list goes on.  Wine making was a way of bringing some excitement into my life and when I saw how happy people who drank my wine became and always came back for more I decided to continue and to expand into the selling of my wine and to this day I put my passion into making each flavour exceptional so its no longer a hobby but a passion; seeing how adding different spices enhance the taste its pushing me to experiment more and more to find that taste that’s uniquely Reyes’s Wine & Bakery”

-Denyse Reyes

Reyes Wine & Bakery offers an array of products from wines and spirits to traditional Caribbean dishes. For more information regarding these and other products offered by Reyes Wine & Bakery contact Denyse Reyes at or if in Trinidad call Reyes Wine & Bakery at 295-5726

Reyes Wine & Bakery The flavour of Trinidad

Made with all natural ingredients