Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions to to most advertising agencies. If you do not see the answer to your question below contact Melanated Community Radio

Q. Can I ad music to music to my ad?

A. Yes you can. But please keep in mind of the risk of copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is 12 bar of a music, pre-recorded or written scores. So to ensure a smooth successful ad we suggest either show permission of the music, by either purchasing royalty free music for broadcasting or simply use your own best voice.

Q. Can the MCR Studio edit my ad?

A. Yes we can. A flat studio rates will be applied before to the final product is approved for runtime. The product will require your approval before broadcast time. Note* please allow two weeks for the completion of the product.

Q. Can I chose when my ad is run?

A. Yes and no. Although you can choose exact runtime of the ad, you can choose the time slot your ad will run on MCR

Q. What if I change my mind after submission?

A. We advise you to think carefully before submitting material to be broadcast. Rattler Publishing and Gemini offers no returns.

Q. Is this the same as Sponsoring a Program on MCR?

A. No. To sponsor an approved MCR program you must contact the program host or Station Manager. The email addresses are listed on the profile page.

Q. Will placing an ad on MCR increase sale to my business?

A. No one can guarantee an increase of sale of your product or services by placing an ad with MCR, but studies has shown that business that invest in the marketing of the business’ or projects is a contributing factor for increasing sales revenue.

Q. Do I have to be a business owner to place an Ad on MCR?

A. No if your have an upcoming community project and would like to raise awareness of that upcoming event. By placing an ad on MCR you increase the attendance of the event.

Q. Can I get an ad on MCR by making a donation to MCR?

A. No. The amount of both donations and Patreons are left up to the donator, placing an ad on MCR is a business transaction between you and Rattler Publishing.

Q. Will MCR broadcast ads in different languages?

A. Yes. Melanated Community Radio is a global company. The only restrictions are that you be a melanated business, promoting the empowerment, enlightenment, education, and defense of melanated people and communities.